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This is me. And I am here to help you.

Hi, I am Kelly. And I am the Mortgage Mom.
And this is my family. My daughter is looking away. My son is playing up. And my husband missed out most of his face. Oh, and that’s me, trying to keep calm. Trying to keep it real. You see, I know that if I do this, I’ll make it easier for the three of them. It’s ‘cos I love them and don’t want them do things that they don’t want to do.
And that’s where I come in for you. Getting a mortgage can be stressful. Sorting your life insurance can be complicated, and you need to get it right. Don’t get me going with how difficult some re-mortgage applications and critical illness cover can be. So I will worry about that for you. It’s what I do.
I used to be a Radio Producer….
Before being in the mortgage and life insurance game, I used to be a Radio Producer for Heart FM. I also tried my hand at DJ-ing which was amazing. Did I mention that I have won a Sony award for my producing? No? Well I have now. And then kids came. I fell into a number of different jobs (which I loved) – from having my own little online shop selling retro cycling tops, to running a School Centred Initial Teacher Training scheme for a local academy. But none really made me super happy, until now!!
I am now able to help people. Generally, other people like me who have families and need support when moving home or making sure their family has the right sort of protection. Because I get how much you need this sort of help and guidance, I am able to offer it, and I love doing it. I get to know you and work hard to make sure you get EXACTLY what you need.
I am your Mortgage (and protection don’t forget) Mom after all. And I look forward to making your life easier.

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