Moving house at any time of year can be a pretty pressured and stressful time. If you have been brave enough to make the decision to move over the Christmas period, you will likely be feeling the effects of this even more. Whilst moving house over Christmas can be a very daunting prospect, with the right preparation, it can be done.

Make a List and Moving House Timeline

Organisation will be key moving house during the festive season. To get your thoughts down and make sure you have everything covered, we recommend making a list of everything you need to do, a plan and a timeline of when each step needs to be done. Ensure you have checked your list over, if it isn’t very detailed you have likely missed a step or two.


Book a Removal Company

Booking a home removal company can involve long waiting times, especially at this time of year. We recommend booking a removal company well in advance so that you know you have it sorted and can rest easy knowing your stuff will at least be transported!

Give Yourself Time

Don’t be tempted to leave everything to the last minute, moving house over the Christmas period will require lots of preparation and time. As soon as you know you will be moving house and then get started on the preparation and organisation. Starting as early as possible will allow you space for any unexpected events during your moving house journey.

In terms of packing, we recommend sorting the big items first and working from the top of your house to the bottom. Make sure you have strong, secure packaging and cardboard boxes for moving house. If you’re hoping to be moved into your new house before Christmas, make sure you leave all of your decorations in an easily accessible place!

Whilst you are getting started on your packing, make sure you are working through your checklist for all of the important documents and admin that needs to be sorted when moving house. There is often more than you think and it can take longer than expected depending on the amount you have done up to this point.


Don’t Forget the Important Documents and Admin

Keep all of your important and personal documents in one place so that they are safe, these will be some of your most precious items so it is worth making sure you have them secure. We’re talking birth certificates, passports, family heirlooms, treasured items, photo albums and the rest.

Whilst on admin, make sure you have the following covered before moving house:

  • Get quotes on all of your removal costs
  • Inform your power companies that you’re moving house well ahead of the moving day (you don’t want to be stuck without water, heating or electricity at Christmas)
  • Change your address in all of the necessary locations before moving home (this will save you time once you’re settling into your new house)
  • Double-check you have updated or informed all of the necessary bodies that you are changing your address
  • Pay for outstanding bills
  • Let friends and family know you’re moving


Be Prepared For All Conditions

It is winter, after all, so be prepared for adverse weather conditions when you’re moving house. Make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment to deal with difficult weather (e.g grit, shovels, torches and safe ground equipment for wet surfaces). You want to make sure you and your items are moved in safely and without damage!

For further advice on moving house at Christmas (or any time of year) get in touch with The Mortgage Mom today. We offer mortgage advice and insurance solutions in Birmingham and beyond. We have helped every type of home mover from first-time buyers through to the elderly looking for advice on insurance such as critical illness cover. It is the most wonderful time of the year, so make sure you keep it that way by getting the right support and advice when moving house!